The service "24 hours synodigos" offered FREE of any charge to all the motor policy holders of Laiki Insurance.

The card holders of "24 hours synodigos" enjoy a series of benefits:

  • free telephone road service in case of a traffic accident
  • free use of the whole spectrum of services offered by the Cyprus Automobile Association
  • special prices and discounts offered by selected vehicle goods outlets
  • electronic evaluation of the damages of the vehicle through the well known Audatex Servey method
  • one year's guarantee of the repairs of your vehicle when repaired at the authorised by Laiki Insurance vehicle repairers

THE GREAT PLUS for every driver

True…. You do not drive alone anymore. Every single moment, 24 hours a day, you will have a co driver (sinodigos)
Someone who knows exactly how to act for you in any eventuality.
Our Service “24 Hour Sinodigos” will be with you while you are driving.
It is fully reflected in the motto:
“Always by your side”.
It is the new exclusive Plus for every driver who is covered by a Laiki Insurance motor policy.


Just call the new Service “24 hours sinodigos” of Laiki Insurance Tel.

If you are involved in a road accident, the properly trained and experienced officers of the Cyprus Automobile Association, in a few minutes will effectively provide the assistance you need, and will remove all the anxiety and worries resulting from the road accident
Just call and relax.

If your car is immobilised, a tow vehicle will carry it to one of the workshops approved/associated by Laiki Insurance.

More than 70 approved/associated fully equiped workshops all over Cyprus, via the Service “24 Hours Sinodigos” will provide immediate assistance and fully repair your car providing you also with a one year written guarantee.

The evaluation of the damages of your vehicle will be done through the well known electronic evaluation system AUDATEX safeguarding in this manner that your vehicle will be repaired in every minor detail and according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Laiki Insurance by offering free of any charge the “24 hours sinodigos” Service to its clients, will “always be by your side” 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The Cyprus Automobile Association provides “24 Hours Sinodigos” Free Road Assistance for all the members of the Sinodigos Service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
If your car is immobilized for any reason (e.g. mechanical breakdown, flat tyre, battery, or if your keys are locked in the car) just remember to call and the AA recovery vehicle will be there to provide all the assistance required.

If the failure is minor, repair may be provided on the spot, οtherwise your car will be towed to the nearest
Workshop or within the district area which is mentioned on the Proposal Form of the insured car with Laiki Insurance (Free of charge).


If you are driving your car in a foreign country, the corresponding Automobile Associations
Members of FIA and AIT of the country you are visiting will assist you in the same manner that they provide assistance to their members.

For arrangements for international road assistance, before your journey call the Cyprus Automobile Association tel. 22313131.

(Note: in some countries road assistance is note provided free of charge)


The "24 hours synodigos" cardholder will enjoy special discounts offered by selected vehicles' goods outlets such as accessories, car wash services, tyres etc.


The “24 Hours Sinodigos” service is offered free of charge to all vehicles insured by Laiki Insurance.

The road assistance service is offered for private saloon vehicles only and for commercial vehicles currying own goods, provided their gross weight does not exceed 3,5 tons or their length does not exceed 4,5 meters.

The road assistance service will not be offered to general gartage vehicles (Type A), private buses, motorcycles, motor trade vehicles and other special type vehicles.

Laiki insurance approves all associated motor repairers.

Laiki Insurance reserves the right to amend part or the entire plan of “24 Hours Sinodigos” without any prior notice.

The stores which offer with discounts car products and services, have the total responsibility for the quality of their products and services.

For further information please contact Laiki Insurance Tel 22887600, Fax 22887509 or Laiki Telebank 8000 2000

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