“Neoklis N. Thoma Ltd” was founded by Mr. Neoklis N. Thoma who has successfully been engaged in the Insurance sector since 1961.

In 1982 Mr. Neoklis together with 5 other partners founded “Philiki Insurance Company Ltd” which marked an instant growth. In 1999 “Philiki Insurance Company Ltd” was bought by Laiki Group of Companies, which led to the cooperation between the two companies - “Neoklis N. Thoma Ltd” and “Laiki Insurance Company Ltd”. “Neoklis N. Thoma Ltd” is the principal agent in Limassol and the largest agent of Laiki Insurance in Cyprus.

The Company engages mostly in the General Insurance Sector with (the products) provided by Laiki Insurance, as well as in the Life Insurance Sector in cooperation with Laiki’s Insurance’s subsidiary company, Cyprialife.

The company employs 17 persons on a permanent basis and also cooperates with about 24 insurance intermediaries.

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